Exterior Water Damage

Water causes more damage in the United States than fire, and California has more water damage than any other state. Flooding and storm damage are considered to be sudden disasters […]

Letter to the ECHO Journal: Inaccuracies in Reserve Study Article

Published in the ECHO Journal, January 2007 Numerous Inaccuracies in “Back to Basics” article in September 2006 ECHO Journal: ECHO should be applauded for the theme of this article (Reserve […]

Exempt or Nonexempt: Employee Classification for Overtime Pay

Personal bankers for Bank of America’s wealthiest clients settled for $22 million. Farmers Insurance Exchange claims adjusters were awarded more than $90 million. Starbucks, PacBell and RadioShack “working” managers are […]

Methods for Resolving Cigarette Controversy in HOAs

Smoking in Communities Over the last ten years the number of multi-residential housing projects has increased dramatically. As people are brought into closer proximity there has been a spike in […]

Common Sense: Balancing Responsibility and Authority in HOAs

There is a tendency in many people to equate responsibility with power. They are clearly not the same. Responsibility is a legal obligation. Power is legal authority. A popular maxim […]

HOA Taxes: Deadlines, Forms, and Tips

Associations, like all other businesses, are required to file taxes. Here is a brief summary of 8 tax reporting and filing requirements for your association. 

A Guide to Rain Gutter Screens

Rain gutter screens offer the hope of reduced maintenance. But our experience from installing and removing gutter screens for over forty years indicates that sometimes they actually do reduce gutter […]

Governing Document Amendments: Development Process and Court Intervention

To amend your HOA’s governing documents, you must begin by developing and presenting the amendments to the members. And sometimes, when a vote cannot be obtained, associations can use the […]

Homeowner Association Financial Analysis: Part I

Published in the ECHO Journal, February 2007 One-Year Data Comparisons In the fall of 2005, my “staff” (two teen-aged sons) and I developed a spreadsheet containing financial information from all […]

New State Certification Requirements for Electricians

Published in the ECHO Journal, March 2007 Legislation was passed in 1999 requiring all electricians who work for a C-10 electrical contractor to be certified by the state of California. […]