Please Park Responsibly: The Ins and Outs of Parking Rules

Although CA State regulates private property towing, it gives each city the freedom to write more restrictive municipal codes.  Some cities require the properties to pay for permits to allow […]

Problem Solving

Whether you are an owner, a board member, or a manager, here are some thoughts and philosophy about problem solving: Do not put the blinders on and ignore the good […]

Drafting the Construction Contract for Your HOA

What Is a Construction Contract? When your property manager reports to a board that one portion or a significant element of the common area is in need of repair, the […]

When Is Contruction Really Complete?

During project closeout, many differing interests and perspectives—some of them conflicting—create a complex dynamic. Pinpointing whether or not construction is truly “over” isn’t always a simple, straightforward matter. Numerous individuals […]

Who Should Make Decisions in HOAs: the Board or the Members?

Many people have observed that community associations are actually “mini-governments.”  The “citizens” (owners) elect “officials” (directors) to make both small and large decisions affecting their lives and assets.  These decisions […]

California Drought: What Can Your HOA Do to Save Water?

With California facing a historic drought, both individuals and HOAs must work together to conserve water. Water conservation means knowing how to efficiently water your lawn and best practices for […]

11 Essential Clauses for Construction Contracts in HOAs

Board members should be aware of these key contract provisions to include in agreements between homeowners associations and contractors. These terms cover everything from liability to attorney’s fees, and give […]

7 Quick Tips on HOAs and Project Permits

HOA boards and owners should understand construction permit basics: deadlines, budgets, liability, and other aspects of project permitting that they can (and should) control.