As of January 1st, the Davis-Stirling Act has been replaced by “New Davis-Stirling” – the renumbered and restated version of the laws that govern our communities. Both the new and old versions of the law are available here, on our The Law pages. We encourage you to browse through the new law to become familiar with the new locations of important provisions. For our members who are logged in (learn how to log in), you will find links between the new and old versions of the Davis-Stirling Act at the base of each section of law in “Notes on the Text.” Use this option to jump back and forth and to compare versions.

You may also download and print the conversion table at the bottom of this article. This pdf chart shows the sections of the existing code and where those sections now appear in the new code. In some cases, familiar sections may be have been moved into multiple locations. For quick reference, here are a few of the most popular sections of Davis-Stirling, and their locations in the new code:

Formerly section 1363.03, you can now find the elections procedures in sections 5100 through 5120.

Open Meeting Act
Formerly section 1363.05, you can now find the Open Meeting Act provisions primarily in sections 4900 through 4955.