Energy Saving Tips for your Association’s Members

No-Cost Winter Savings

  1. Every degree you lower your heat in the 60‑70° range will save 2% on heating costs.
  2. Set your thermostat to 55° before going to bed at night or when away from home for more than 4 hours.
  3. Turn your heater down to 55° or off when you’re using your fireplace.
  4. Close damper when not using fireplace.
  5. Use passive solar heating on sunny days. Open drapes and let the sun in during the day, and close drapes to retain heat at night.

Anytime Energy Saving Ideas

  1. Lower your water heater temperature to 120°. Set a dishwasher at 140°, unless the dishwasher has a booster heater ‑ in which case, set at 120°.
  2. Run cold‑water washes and wash with full loads.
  3. Line‑dry your clothes whenever possible. Use dryer for a few minutes, as necessary, in order to soften line‑dried clothes.
  4. Only run dishwashers with full loads—using the energy‑saver mode.
  5. Use dimmer switches or timers on incandescent lights.
  6. Use a microwave only for reheating and cooking small items.
  7. Unplug your extra refrigerator if it’s only being used for drinks or ice.

For more tips, please visit the Pacific Gas and Electric Company website.