§5570 – Reserve Disclosure Form


(a) The disclosures required by this article with regard to an association or a property shall be summarized on the following form:

Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure Summary For the Fiscal Year Ending _____

  1. The regular assessment per ownership interest is $_____ per____. Note: If assessments vary by the size or type of ownership interest, the assessment applicable to this ownership interest may be found on page _____ of the attached summary.

  2. Additional regular or special assessments that have already been scheduled to be imposed or charged, regardless of the purpose, if they have been approved by the board and/or members:

Date Asssessment Will be Due

Amount per Ownership Interest per Month or Year (If assessments are variable, see note immediately below):

Purpose of the Assessment


Note: If assessments vary by the size or type of ownership interest, the assessment applicable to this ownership interest may be found on page ____ of the attached report.

  1. Based upon the most recent reserve study and other information available to the board of directors, will currently projected reserve account balances be sufficient at the end of each year to meet the association’s obligation for repair and/or replacement of major components during the next 30 years? Yes _____    No _____
  2. If the answer to (3) is no, what additional assessments or other contributions to reserves would be necessary to ensure that sufficient reserve funds will be available each year during the next 30 years that have not yet been approved by the board or the members?
Approximate Date Assessment will be Due Amount per Ownership Interest per Month or Year
  1. All major components are included in the reserve study and are included in its calculations.
  2. Based on the method of calculation in paragraph (4) of subdivision (b) of §5570, the estimated amount required in the reserve fund at the end of the current fiscal year is $____, based in whole or in part on the last reserve study or update prepared by ____ as of ____ (month), ____ (year). The projected reserve fund cash balance at the end of the current fiscal year is $____, resulting in reserves being ____ percent funded at this date. If an alternate, but generally accepted, method of calculation is also used, the required reserve amount is $____. (See attached explanation)
  3. Based on the method of calculation in paragraph (4) of subdivision (b) of §5570 of the Civil Code, the estimated amount required in the reserve fund at the end of each of the next five budget years is $______, and the projected reserve fund cash balance in each of those years, taking into account only assessments already approved and other known revenues, is $______, leaving the reserve at ______ percent funded. If the reserve funding plan approved by the association is implemented, the projected reserve fund cash balance in each of those years will be $______, leaving the reserve at ______ percent funded.

Note: The financial representations set forth in this summary are based on the best estimates of the preparer at that time. The estimates are subject to change. At the time this summary was prepared, the assumed long-term before-tax interest rate earned on reserve funds was ____ percent per year, and the assumed long-term inflation rate to be applied to major component repair and replacement costs was ____ percent per year.

(b) For the purposes of preparing a summary pursuant to this

  1. “Estimated remaining useful life” means the time reasonably calculated to remain before a major component will require replacement.
  2. “Major component” has the meaning used in §5550. Components with an estimated remaining useful life of more than 30 years may be included in a study as a capital asset or disregarded from the reserve calculation, so long as the decision is revealed in the reserve study report and reported in the Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure Summary.
  3. The form set out in subdivision (a) shall accompany each pro forma operating budget or summary thereof that is delivered pursuant to this article. The form may be supplemented or modified to clarify the information delivered, so long as the minimum information set out in subdivision (a) is provided.
  4. For the purpose of the report and summary, the amount of reserves needed to be accumulated for a component at a given time shall be computed as the current cost of replacement or repair multiplied by the number of years the component has been in service divided by the useful life of the component. This shall not be construed to require the board to fund reserves in accordance with this calculation.