For purposes of this chapter, the following definitions apply: “Common interest development” means a residential development identified in Section 4100 of the Civil Code. “Association” has the same meaning as […]

§11501 – Common Interest Development Manager

“Common interest development manager” means an individual who for compensation, or in expectation of compensation, provides or contracts to provide management or financial services, or represents himself or herself to […]

§11502 – Certified Common Interest Development Manager Criteria

In order to be called a “certified common interest development manager,” a person shall meet one of the following requirements: Prior to July 1, 2003, has passed a knowledge, skills, […]

§11502.5-Standards for Education and Examinations

The course related competency examination or examinations and education provided to a certified common interest development manager pursuant to Section 11502 by any professional association for common interest development managers, […]


A “certified common interest development manager” does not include a common interest development management firm. 

§11504 – Disclosures

On or before September 1, 2003, and annually thereafter, a person who either provides or contemplates providing the services of a common interest development manager to an association shall disclose […]

§11505 – Unfair Business Practice

It is an unfair business practice for a common interest development manager, a company that employs the common interest development manager, or a company that is controlled by a company […]


This part shall be subject to the review required by Division 1.2 (commencing with Section 473). This part shall remain in effect only until January 1, 2015, and as of […]