§7512 – Quorum

(a) One-third of the voting power, represented in person or by proxy, shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of members, but, subject to subdivisions (b) and (c), a bylaw […]

§7513 – Acts without Meeting; Ballots; Elections of Director

Subject to subdivision (e), and unless prohibited in the articles or bylaws, any action which may be taken at any regular or special meeting of members may be taken without […]

§7514 – Form of Proxy or Written Ballot

Any form of proxy or written ballot distributed to 10 or more members of a corporation with 100 or more members shall afford an opportunity on the proxy or form […]

§7517 – Ballots & Proxies

If the name signed on a ballot, consent, waiver, or proxy appointment corresponds to the name of a member, the corporation if acting in good faith is entitled to accept […]

§7527 – Time Limits on Contesting Election, Appointment, Or Removal of Director

An action challenging the validity of any election, appointment or removal of a director or directors must be commenced within nine months after the election, appointment or removal. If no […]

§7611 – Record Date; Right to Vote; Notice; Adjustment

The bylaws may provide or, in the absence of such provision, the board may fix, in advance, a date as the record date for the purpose of determining the members […]

§7612 – Membership in Names of Two or More Persons

If a membership stands of record in the names of two or more persons, whether fiduciaries, members of a partnership, joint tenants, tenants in common, husband and wife as community […]

§7613 – Proxies

Any member may authorize another person or persons to act by proxy with respect to such membership except that this right may be limited or withdrawn by the articles or […]

§7614 – Inspectors of Election

In advance of any meeting of members, the board may appoint inspectors of election to act at the meeting and any adjournment thereof. If inspectors of election are not so […]

§7615 – Cumulative Voting

If the articles or bylaws authorize cumulative voting, but not otherwise, every member entitled to vote at any election of directors may cumulate the member’s votes and give one candidate […]