§12191 – Registration Fees Community Associations

The miscellaneous business entity filing fees are the following: Foreign Associations, as defined in Sections 170 and 171 of the Corporations Code: Filing the statement and designation upon the qualification […]

§12955 – Unlawful Discrimination

It shall be unlawful: For the owner of any housing accommodation to discriminate against or harass any person because of the race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, […]

§12956.1 – Discriminatory Covenants in Deeds or Declarations

As used in this section, “association,” “governing documents,” and “declaration” have the same meanings as set forth in Section 1351 of the Civil Code. “If this document contains any restriction […]

§12956.2 – Removal of Discriminatory Restrictive Covenants

A person who holds an ownership interest of record in property that he or she believes is the subject of an unlawfully restrictive covenant in violation of subdivision (l) of […]