Simplify the Bidding Process & Exceed Homeowner Expectations

Boards of directors make decisions that affect what is usually people’s largest personal financial investment: their homes. Understanding the intricacies of how their decisions affect homeowners is rightly a heavy responsibility of HOA board members. The stakes and the pressure are high. However, it is extraordinarily rewarding when a board exceeds the expectations of the community, and projects are completed professionally, on time, and under budget.

The Five Key Coverages to Protect Condo Homeowners

There are wonderful benefits to living in a Condominium Association. A few are not having to mow the lawn and rake the leaves and not having the big expense of replacing a roof. Another nice benefit is having neighbors nearby for a safe sense of community. One topic that can be challenging for condo owners, however, is knowing what and what kind of insurance to get to be protected if an urban or Wildfire occurred. This article describes the five key coverages every Condominium owner needs to be insured wisely.