ECHO’s website and magazine contain a library of resources to help you improve and educate your HOA community. We encourage you to share links to any online resource that you find helpful. However, we do ask that you review the guidelines below before sharing other types of content.

Use by Permission Only

Readers who wish to reproduce or republish printed materials (e.g. ECHO Journal, books, guides, forms, article reprints) or content from our website must follow the guidelines below. Except as noted above, ECHO printed materials may not be reproduced, republished, or otherwise distributed without written permission from ECHO.

The ECHO Journal

The ECHO Journal features articles from a variety of sources. In some instances we cannot grant permission to republish certain pieces. Please seek permission before republishing any articles from the ECHO Journal.

Forms & Policies

Forms and policies purchased from ECHO and/or downloaded from our website may only be used by the purchaser. Where the purchaser is a member organization, the form or policy may be distributed in print or electronic form within the organization only, as long as it contains the ECHO copyright and website URL:  

© 2017 ECHO –

Books & Guides

ECHO books and guides may be used by the purchaser only and may not be reproduced or republished in print or digital form.


We use only licensed images. Many of those licenses place strict limits on how we use and share images. For this reason, please seek permission before using any image found in an ECHO publication or on the ECHO website.

Website Articles

HOA laws change every year and we update our articles frequently. For this reason, we request that any online reference to articles published on the ECHO website include no more than 75 words, and include ECHO’s name and a link to the article. Copying full articles or materials to other websites is prohibited; however, we appreciate links to the article from your website.

For questions about this policy or for permission to reproduce or distribute ECHO material (except those clearly indicated for free use), please contact us.