§5855 – Notice to Member

When the board is to meet to consider or impose discipline upon a member, or to impose a monetary charge as a means of reimbursing the association for costs incurred […]

§5670 – Dispute Resolution for Liens

Prior to recording a lien for delinquent assessments, an association shall offer the owner and, if so requested by the owner, participate in dispute resolution pursuant to the association’s “meet […]

Chapter 10. Dispute Resolution and Enforcement (§5850-§5985)

Article 1. Discipline and Cost Reimbursement (§5850-§5865) Article 2. Internal Dispute Resolution (§5900-§5920) Article 3. Alternative Dispute Resolution Prerequistite to Civil Action (§5925-§5965) Article 4. Civil Action (§5975-§5985)