January 2016

  • Trust Building and Keeping – Part II
  • Charging Ahead – The ABCs of EVCSs
  • Rediscovering Community in the CID Environment
  • Unleashing an Association’s Power to Influence Local Policies and Decisions
  • Construction Contract Remedies: Arbitration, Mediation and Litigation

November 2015

  • Trust-Building in an HOA. Do Boards Have the Advantage?
  • Bank Loans for HOA’s, Part 2
  • Does Your Association Need a CPA?
  • Running a Successful Monthly
  • Summary of California Statutes Relating to Alternative Dispute Resolution and of the Internal
  • Dispute Resolution

October 2015

  • Bank Loans for HOAs, Part 1
  • Working Successfully with Committees
  • What Should You Do to Prepare for a Disaster?
  • Barking Dogs
  • Effective Strategies for Handling Mold in Your Community

September 2015

  • El Nino is Coming
  • Board Members with Hidden Agendas
  • Self Help
  • Less is Best When Refining Your Rules and Regulations
  • What is a “Request for Proposal”?

August 2015

  • Berkeley Balcony Tragedy
  • Solving the Reconstruction Puzzle!
  • Lender Requirements Affect Everyone
  • Business v. Politics or Management v. Board
  • Level 3 Inspections: A Non-Invasive Approach to Tree Risk Management

July 2015

  • Special Assessments
  • Inspection of Records in a Homeowners Association
  • Tell Everyone How You Maintain, Protect and Enhance!
  • Hate Rules Enforcement by your Community Association?
  • Color: Theory and Perception

June 2015

  • Your Keys to an Energy Efficient Future!
  • Inspection of Records in a Homeowners Association
  • The Association Death Spiral and How to Avoid It
  • Dynamic Negotiations
  • Challenging Directors: Some Practical Tips for the Sensible Majority

May 2015

  • Optional Insurance Coverage Overview
  • Avoiding Illegal Board Activity and Lawsuits
  • The Science Behind Irrigation Water Management
  • Reality Check – The Truth About People, Pets, and Parking
  • New Airbnb Law Legalizing Short-Term Rentals