Board Member Preparedness Program

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This program is a HOA primer for aspiring homeowners, and new and returning board members.


The program is also available to professional service providers and managers.

Echo HOA University

Board Member Preparedness Program


Join like-minded colleagues and learn what is needed to prepare an individual for board service or to better serve your HOA clients. This series of ten courses includes a cross section of the most important aspects of being a HOA board member. Students of all levels are encouraged to join and learn the duties and responsibilities of HOA service.   


The program covers the essentials, including the HOA legal environment, fiduciary responsibilities and duties, financial management and reserves, meetings (planning and management), election procedures, board ethics, and soft skills needed to deal with people. The curriculum is brought together with a capstone course on the role of HOA vision, mission, strategy, and core values in common interest developments.  


The courses will be available in several formats including workshop, lecture, and lecture/lab. Faculty has been recruited from the most successful and knowledgeable companies in the industry. Currently, eight of the ten courses will be recorded and available on demand. All courses will be offered live via webinars. Two workshops require live, online participation: HOA Board Ethics and the capstone strategy course.  


Participants will be given three years from the date of enrollment to satisfactorily complete the ten courses and successfully pass the exam for each course with a score of 70% or better. The examinations will be designed to cover the basic knowledge and skills discussed in the course and to encourage the internalization of the curriculum. After successfully completing the examinations, participants will be awarded a certificate of successful completion of the Echo Board Member Preparedness Program. This is a lifetime certificate and will be noted in the permanent Echo records.  


The core curriculum includes the following areas of study:  

Good Governance (3 Courses)

• 100 – Leadership & Governance

• 101 – Elections, Voting, and Candidacy

• 102 – Meetings and Best Practices

• 103 – Board Evaluation of HOA Management

Board Ethics (1 Course, 2 Sessions, 120A & 120B)

HOA Legal Environment (3 Sessions)

• 150 – Ask the Attorney: Davis-Stirling Overview

• 151 – Ask the Attorney: Laws Affecting HOAs Other Than the Davis-Stirling Act

• 152 – Ask the Attorney: Judicial Interpretation – HOA Case Law

HOA Financial Management and Reserves (1 Session, 170)

A Strategic Approach to HOA Management (1 Session, 199)

A capstone workshop to tie everything together.


$100 for Echo Members

$200 for Non-Echo Members

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