Receivership: What Happens When an Association Fails?

When HOAs are really struggling, members will occasionally look for an outside party to take over and correct the problem. In California, a “receiver” is that third party. Here are […]

New Lead Paint Laws Impact HOAs

Fresh on the heels of the recent pool and spa safety act comes a new Federal rule aimed at reducing lead poisoning. The law targets all contractors working on homes […]

Vehicle Charging Stations – New Law

The Governor has signed Senate Bill 209, a law that will void governing document provisions that effectively prohibit or limit the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in homeowner associations. […]

Why Do Boards Hide? Transparency Doesn’t Bite

When Boards Hide, What Happens? How do you think that we have ended up with laws in California that require open meetings, liberal records review rights, homeowner forums and internal […]

You Have Been Sued for Non-Compliance?!

Small Claims Courts have new authority to judge your conduct, scrutinize statutory compliance and to punish violators. At the same time you are learning the ins and outs of compliance, […]

When are HOAs Liable for Injuries to Strangers?

Boards often worry about liability stemming from uninvited strangers: hikers, skateboarding children, bicyclists, etc. Don’t worry! California law provides broad immunity for property owners against lawsuits stemming from recreational uses […]

When HOAs Must Break the Rules for Disabled Residents

Both Federal and California law require HOAs to consider special accommodations for people with disabilities, even if those accommodations would violate the governing documents. Get to know Fair Housing and […]

3 Reasons Why Your HOA Can’t Declare Bankruptcy

Why There’s No Protection for Members When Community Associations “Go Broke” You’re at a board of directors meeting of your homeowners association. Things have been happening around the community—not good […]

Smoking in HOAs: Conflict, Restrictions, & Liability

Many community associations face an increased number of complaints from non-smokers about their smoking neighbors and are being asked to take action. Some associations are responding to this increased regulation by […]

Is Your HOA’s Reserve Budget Just an Illusion?

Law firms have seen an increase in claims for defective budgets in recent years. These claims arise when associations find out that what they thought was a solid budget turns […]