2014 Legislation: AB 1738 – Attorneys in Dispute Resolution

Update: The Govenor signed the bill on 9/18. AB 1738 allows both homeowners and associations to involve counsel in dispute resolution proceedings such as Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) or “meet […]

§5965 – ADR Summary Included in Annual Policy Statement

An association shall annually provide its members a summary of the provisions of this article that specifically references this article. The summary shall include the following language: “Failure of a member […]

§5930 – ADR Requirement Limitations

An association or a member may not file an enforcement action in the superior court unless the parties have endeavored to submit their dispute to alternative dispute resolution pursuant to […]

§5925 – Definitions

As used in this article: “Alternative dispute resolution” means mediation, arbitration, conciliation, or other nonjudicial procedure that involves a neutral party in the decisionmaking process. The form of alternative dispute […]