§5710 – Trustee Sale

Any sale by the trustee shall be conducted in accordance with Sections 2924, 2924b, and 2924c applicable to the exercise of powers of sale in mortgages and deeds of trust. […]

§5685 – Lien Release

Within 21 days of the payment of the sums specified in the notice of delinquent assessment, the association shall record or cause to be recorded in the office of the […]

§5600 – Assessment Levy Requirement

Except as provided in Section 5605, the association shall levy regular and special assessments sufficient to perform its obligations under the governing documents and this act. An association shall not […]

§4210 – Recorded Statement for Collections

In order to facilitate the collection of regular assessments, special assessments, transfer fees as authorized by Sections 4530, 4575, and 4580, and similar charges, the board is authorized to record […]

Chapter 8. Assessments and Assessment Collection (§5600-§5740)

Article 1. Establishment and Imposition of Assessments (§5600-§5625) Article 2. Assessment Payment and Delinquency (§5650-§5690) Article 3. Assessment Collection (§5700-§5740)

3 Reasons Why Your HOA Can’t Declare Bankruptcy

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