The Special Assessment

“Special Assessment” is a dirty word in most HOAs. While boards and managers may view a special assessment as a tool to achieve the funding needs of the homeowners association, […]

2015 Legislation – SB 290 – Serving Owners in Foreclosure Proceedings

Now a two-year bill, this legislation would allow the HOA to serve the owner by “substituted service,” a less restrictive process. ECHO supports this bill.

Homeowner Association Financial Analysis: Part I

Published in the ECHO Journal, February 2007 One-Year Data Comparisons In the fall of 2005, my “staff” (two teen-aged sons) and I developed a spreadsheet containing financial information from all […]

Homeowner Association Financial Analysis: Part II

Published in the ECHO Journal, March 2007 Editor’s Note: Part I of this article that looked at one-year cost comparisons from 60 associations appeared in the February issue of the Journal. […]

2009 Community Association Financial Health

Published in the ECHO Journal, October 2010 A Silver Lining In The Midst Of Economic Turmoil Introduction Community associations are not immune from the current economic crisis. When people lose […]

Look Closer – Or Else!

Published in the ECHO Journal, December 2011 Older Community Associations Need Better Inspections to Avoid Financial Failure Community Associations are not financially prepared for potentially ruinous renovations. Period. Newer communities […]

When Can the Board Increase HOA Assessments?

Here is the scenario: a board adopts the annual budget and notifies the owners that assessments will increase from last year by 10%. After the beginning of the association’s fiscal […]

Mandatory Funding?

Board Funding Is Mandatory in California Did you know that California has a mandatory full-funding statute for community associations? Civil Code §5600 says: The association shall levy regular and special assessments sufficient […]

§5658 – Payment Dispute

If a dispute exists between the owner of a separate interest and the association regarding any disputed charge or sum levied by the association, including, but not limited to, an […]

§5655 – Payment and Receipt

Any payments made by the owner of a separate interest toward a debt described in subdivision (a) of Section 5650 shall first be applied to the assessments owed, and, only […]