10 Tips for New HOA Board Members

New to the HOA board or welcoming new board members? Here are 10 tips to help new board members get up to speed quickly and work effectively.

2017 Legislation – AB 1412 – Volunteer Officers Liability & Address Disclosure

Authorizes a common interest development association, when an owner fails to provide a certain required notice, to use the last address provided in writing by the owner, except as specified. […]

A New Design for Leadership

Published in the ECHO Journal, January 2014 Policy in this context is a written statement that causes others to take action in the attainment of a stated expectation. Governance is […]

Common Sense: Balancing Responsibility and Authority in HOAs

There is a tendency in many people to equate responsibility with power. They are clearly not the same. Responsibility is a legal obligation. Power is legal authority. A popular maxim […]

3 Challenges Every Small HOA Must Overcome

Small associations are often undercutted as having less problems than their larger counterparts, but this is far from the truth. With less members comes problems finding board members, paying assessments, […]

Beginner’s Guide to HOA Boards of Directors Duties and Responsibilities

Many new board members want an introductory guide that states in one place what are their duties and by what authority do they operate. This article discusses general concepts and […]

The Controlling Director

Published in the ECHO Journal, September 2008 How many of us have experienced the board member who wants to control all aspects of his or her community association’s operation from […]

Court Whacks Directors

Published in the ECHO Journal, November 2008 With a $500,000 Attorney Fee Award! This actually happened in Ritter & Ritter v Churchill Condominium Association (decided August 21, 2008). The case […]

How One Association Did It Right

Published in the ECHO Journal, November 2008 The recent case of Harvey v. The Landing HOA (2008) 162 Cal.App.4th 809 is instructive of how one California homeowner association did it […]

Understanding Board Decisions and Judicial Deference

Published in the ECHO Journal, July 2009 California law offers a limited protection to homeowner boards of directors: the rule of judicial deference. Arising from the 1999 California Supreme Court […]