When Can HOAs Suspend Member Rights and Privileges?

Can the HOA remove a director for unpaid assessments? Prevent a member from using the pool because of a rule violation? Yes. Here’s how.

A Check on Board Power

Published in the ECHO Journal, December 2009 The Common Interest Development Open Meeting Act It would be impractical to require that every act and decision for an association be approved […]

Rescuing Board Members From Email

Published in the ECHO Journal, June 2010 “I’m in trouble at work! The association board business is taking up all my time! The homeowners send me emails 24/7 and they […]

Strategic Planning for HOA Board Members

Most successful businesses embrace the concept of strategic planning to drive the direction, resources, and decisions made in the daily course of doing business. A strategy establishes common goals and […]

What Happens When Boards Violate the Davis-Stirling Act?

For California homeowners associations, there is no state agency that enforces the law within HOA communities. So what are the consequences when boards don’t follow the Davis-Stirling Act?

Ethics Code for HOA Board Members

Ethical issues occur in everyday administration, management and governance of any homeowners association. In order to navigate these complex ethical dilemmas, HOA board members first need to be able to identify problems of […]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Published in the ECHO Journal, December 2010 Life consists of choices. We make decisions every day. Those decisions reflect our life experience and the way we think. Depending on the […]

The Majority Rules

Published in the ECHO Journal, January 2011 What if the Minority Won’t Stop Fighting? Majority rules. That is the simple but essential concept on which a democracy rests, and it […]

Mental Illness and Aberrant Behavior in HOAs

When a resident in an homeowners association exhibits extreme behavior that is criminal or suggests mental illness, the HOA’s enforcement system of rules and fines is often completely inadequate. This […]

How to Organize HOA Committees that Work

In HOAs, committees can be either an invaluable resource for the board or an incredible waste of time. But by following some important steps prior to forming a committee, associations […]