§4510 – Denial of Physical Access

Except as otherwise provided in law, an order of the court, or an order pursuant to a final and binding arbitration decision, an association may not deny a member or […]

§4505 – Easements

Unless the declaration otherwise provides: In a community apartment project and condominium project, and in those planned developments with common area owned in common by the owners of the separate […]

§4500 – Ownership of Common Area

Unless the declaration otherwise provides, in a condominium project, or in a planned development in which the common area is owned by the owners of the separate interests, the common […]

§4201 – Developments Without Common Area

Nothing in this act may be construed to apply to a real property development that does not contain common area. This section is declaratory of existing law.   Notes on […]

§4095 – Common Area

“Common area” means the entire common interest development except the separate interests therein. The estate in the common area may be a fee, a life estate, an estate for years, […]

Smoking in HOAs: Conflict, Restrictions, & Liability

Many community associations face an increased number of complaints from non-smokers about their smoking neighbors and are being asked to take action. Some associations are responding to this increased regulation by […]

How to Determine Maintenance Responsibility in HOAs

Figuring out who pays for what in a HOA (the association or the homeowners) can be nothing but a headache. The best way to avoid these problems is to make […]