Transitions: New HOA Boards Have Their Problems

Published in the ECHO Journal, June 2007 With the large number of new condominium complexes that have been built in the last several years, we are seeing similar transitions over time. […]

Lender Backlash?

Published in the ECHO Journal, June 2008 Will New Rules Make Condos Harder to Sell? Let us consider the question: “Will the sub-prime crisis impact community associations?” It is pretty […]

Learning the Truth about Condo Conversion Budgets

Published in the ECHO Journal, October 2008 We have written on these pages before about the economic crisis that can befall the buyers of condominiums converted from old apartment buildings.[1] […]

Myths and Misconceptions Regarding FHA Condominium Approvals

Published in the ECHO Journal, April 2010 In an effort to know fully why the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has changed their condominium lending requirements, it is important to understand […]

What’s Happening with Condo Loans

Published in the ECHO Journal, April 2010 Is Financing in Serious Jeopardy? There are a number of indicators suggesting that financing for condominium associations may be in serious jeopardy. Indeed, […]

Residential Real Estate Agency and Your HOA

Published in the ECHO Journal, August 2011 Echo’s Annual Seminar in June brimmed with a diversity of vendors and participants, all offering stimulating discussion on many a hot topic – […]

Condominium Conversions: Owner Equity at Risk?

Published in the ECHO Journal, September 2011 The Incentive to Create Condominiums from Old Apartment Houses Condominium conversions, a really bad idea, are here again. You don’t need statistics to […]

17 Legal Rights of Homeowners Living in HOAs

Is there legal protection for homeowners? The answer is a resounding yes, and we can tell you why. Both board members and homeowners have a responsibility to know the rights […]

§4630 – Condominium Project

In a condominium project the common area is not subject to partition, except as provided in Section 4610. Any conveyance, judicial sale, or other voluntary or involuntary transfer of the […]

§4615 – Liens for Services Performed in a Condominium Project

In a common interest development, no labor performed or services or materials furnished with the consent of, or at the request of, an owner in the common interest development or […]