§4610 – Partition of a Condominium Project

Except as provided in this section, the common area in a condominium project shall remain undivided, and there shall be no judicial partition thereof. Nothing in this section shall be […]

§4295 – Amendment or Revocation

A condominium plan may be amended or revoked by a recorded instrument that is acknowledged and signed by all the persons who, at the time of amendment or revocation, are […]

§4220 – Unit Boundaries

In interpreting deeds and condominium plans, the existing physical boundaries of a unit in a condominium project, when the boundaries of the unit are contained within a building, or of […]

§4200 – Common Interest Developments

This act applies and a common interest development is created whenever a separate interest coupled with an interest in the common area or membership in the association is, or has […]

§4125 – Condominium

A “condominium project” means a real property development consisting of condominiums. A condominium consists of an undivided interest in common in a portion of real property coupled with a separate […]

§4100 – Common Interest Development

“Common interest development” (CID) means any of the following: A community apartment project. A condominium project. A planned development. A stock cooperative.

HOA Maintenance Responsibility in Condominiums and Planned Unit Developments

If you find areas of your HOA’s governing documents are unclear in assigning responsibility for certain building components, you are not alone.  Determining who pays for what maintenance or repair […]