How to Effectively Use Methods of Communication in Your HOA

The Dilemma of Communication One of the biggest challenges for managers and boards of directors is to deal with both mundane and serious situations on a daily basis. If the […]

How One Association Did It Right

Published in the ECHO Journal, November 2008 The recent case of Harvey v. The Landing HOA (2008) 162 Cal.App.4th 809 is instructive of how one California homeowner association did it […]

Sideswiping Owners Will Have A Backlash!

Published in the ECHO Journal, July 2011 If you are on the board in your homeowners association and you think that the owners are asleep at the wheel, you may […]

Resolving Conflict in Community Associations

Much has been written about the lack of civility within community associations and, in particular, between board members and homeowners. Why do these situations arise so often? One person said […]

Rude and Unruly Board Members?

Published in the ECHO Journal, December 2011 Robert’s Rules of Order to the Rescue! Do you have a few board members, maybe even a board chair, who are sometimes a […]

Serving on the Board: It’s About Team Building and Leadership

Published in the ECHO Journal, May 2013 Whether you are a newly elected board member or one who has served for several years, you should come to the table with […]

The Value of Consensus and Respect in an HOA Board

Published in the ECHO Journal, July 2013 Do you think you can put a price tag on respect among board members? On the value of striving for consensus when unanimous […]

Instilling Respect and Consensus among Board Members

The success of a board depends on the effort members make to work together, no matter how wide the chasm of differences. Every difficult decision a board has to make […]

§5930 – ADR Requirement Limitations

An association or a member may not file an enforcement action in the superior court unless the parties have endeavored to submit their dispute to alternative dispute resolution pursuant to […]

§5925 – Definitions

As used in this article: “Alternative dispute resolution” means mediation, arbitration, conciliation, or other nonjudicial procedure that involves a neutral party in the decisionmaking process. The form of alternative dispute […]