§5905 – Association Procedure

An association shall provide a fair, reasonable, and expeditious procedure for resolving a dispute within the scope of this article. In developing a procedure pursuant to this article, an association […]

§5685 – Lien Release

Within 21 days of the payment of the sums specified in the notice of delinquent assessment, the association shall record or cause to be recorded in the office of the […]

§1369.560 – Certificate Requirements

At the time of commencement of an enforcement action, the party commencing the action shall file with the initial pleading a certificate stating that one or more of the following […]

§1369.550 – Tolling of Statutes of Limitations

If a Request for Resolution is served before the end of the applicable time limitation for commencing an enforcement action, the time limitation is tolled during the following periods: The […]

§1369.540 – Completion, Conduct and Cost

If the party on whom a Request for Resolution is served accepts the request, the parties shall complete the alternative dispute resolution within 90 days after the party initiating the […]

Article 2. Alternative Dispute Resolution (§1369.510-§1369.590)

§1369.510 – Definitions: Alternative Dispute Resolution and Enforcement Action §1369.520 – Prefiling Requirements §1369.530 – Initiating Process §1369.540 – Completion, Conduct and Cost §1369.550 – Tolling of Statutes of Limitations […]

§1363.850 – Notice of Dispute Resolution Procedure

The notice provided pursuant to Section 1369.590 shall include a description of the internal dispute resolution process provided pursuant to this article.