2017 Legislation – AB 690 – Management Conflicts of Interest

Requires a common interest development manager or a common interest development management firm to disclose specified information before entering into a management agreement. Requires a disclosure on whether the manager […]

The New Davis-Stirling: Board Member Conflicts of Interest

Pursuant to §5350, an association board member may not vote on certain matters that concern him or herself, including: Discipline of the board member A request by the board member […]

§5350 – Conflict of Interest

Notwithstanding any other law, and regardless of whether an association is incorporated or unincorporated, the provisions of Sections 7233 and 7234 of the Corporations Code shall apply to any contract […]

§7233-Conflicts of Interest; Disclosure; Common Directorships; Just and Reasonable Contracts

(a) No contract or other transaction between a corporation and one or more of its directors, or between a corporation and any domestic or foreign corporation, firm or association in […]