Unforeseen Conditions and Hidden Costs of Construction Projects

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Drafting the Construction Contract for Your HOA

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When Is Contruction Really Complete?

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11 Essential Clauses for Construction Contracts in HOAs

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Under the Surface: Hidden Issues in Construction

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Getting Your HOA to “On Time and On Budget!”

An effective construction manger will display great strength through respectful and clear communication skills, will keep the HOA board informed, will create and maintain a cooperative environment, and will be […]

Maintenance – A Team Effort

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Perspectives from a Building Inspector

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The Disappearing Developer

Published in the ECHO Journal, June 2009 In today’s economy, many builders are leaving unbuilt or partially-built homes, consequently causing hardships for associations. Imagine a community of 450 lots with […]

Steps to Managing Your HOA’s Major Construction Project

Managing repair or reconstruction in your association requires frequent communication between all involved parties, an established payment schedule, and proper documentation. Learn how to keep your HOA in the loop […]