What does a Construction Manager Do?

A construction manager (CM) is a trained professional responsible for operating and overseeing construction processes while acting as a link between the professional team and the homeowner. A CM will […]

§5375 – Prospective Written Statement

A prospective managing agent of a common interest development shall provide a written statement to the board as soon as practicable, but in no event more than 90 days, before […]

§4230 – Removal of Developer Provisions

Notwithstanding any provision of the governing documents to the contrary, the board may, after the developer has completed construction of the development, has terminated construction activities, and has terminated marketing […]

§4220 – Unit Boundaries

In interpreting deeds and condominium plans, the existing physical boundaries of a unit in a condominium project, when the boundaries of the unit are contained within a building, or of […]

§4215 – Liberal Interpretation of Documents

Any deed, declaration, or condominium plan for a common interest development shall be liberally construed to facilitate the operation of the common interest development, and its provisions shall be presumed […]

§4201 – Developments Without Common Area

Nothing in this act may be construed to apply to a real property development that does not contain common area. This section is declaratory of existing law.   Notes on […]

§4020 – Local Zoning Ordinance

Unless a contrary intent is clearly expressed, a local zoning ordinance is construed to treat like structures, lots, parcels, areas, or spaces in like manner regardless of the form of […]