Effective Emergency Planning for HOA Communities

Nothing is more essential to managing risk than a plan for property emergencies. Time is of the essence. Water soaks in, wicks up walls, flows into electrical outlets and the cleanup grows more expensive. A clean water spill (water from a sink, bathtub or shower) can be dried easily, but if not handled correctly 24-36 hours later mold can begin to grow on porous materials.


  By Sharon Glenn Pratt, Esq.  | January 2021                                      Expensive problems can […]

Insuring for Disasters: HOA Budgeting and Planning

The recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida have many of us thinking about what we would do in a catastrophe. For association boards, insurance is the front line of disaster […]

Effective Communication Is Necessary When Managing an Emergency

Communication Is the Key to Disaster Management Management of any disaster or emergency event is a complicated and multi-faceted task. One of the most important, and oftentimes overlooked, parts of […]

When Disaster Strikes: Emergency Planning for Community Associations

Start Planning for a Disaster Now Consider this scenario: You are a board member for an HOA that represents over 300 residents in a condominium complex of 20 buildings.  In the […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Homeowners Insurance

For many people, their home is their greatest asset, yet studies show that 59% of today’s homes are underinsured. Homeowners should update their insurance regularly to include improvements, major purchases […]

El Nino is on its Way!

Published in the ECHO Journal, December 2009 The Climate Prediction Center of the National Weather Service issued an El Nino Advisory July 9, 2009 for the winter of 2009-2010. El […]

Left Holding the (Sand) Bag

Published in the ECHO Journal, August 2010 Who will Pay for the Damage Caused by Rising Sea Levels? It Could be Your Homeowners Association. The San Jose Mercury News: “From […]

Landslides: Nuisance or Construction Defect?

Published in the ECHO Journal, May 2011 As I write this, northern California is experiencing the second straight week of rain in an otherwise very wet year. Continuous rain soaks […]

Disaster! No Reserves. No Insurance.

What’s Left if a Natural Disaster Destroys a Community Association? We have seen horrific earthquake disasters in New Zealand and Japan. There have been devastating floods along the Mississippi River […]