§5910.1 – Limit on Civil Action

An association may not file a civil action regarding a dispute in which the member has requested dispute resolution unless the association has complied with Section 5910 by engaging in […]

2014 Legislation: AB 1738 – Attorneys in Dispute Resolution

Update: The Govenor signed the bill on 9/18. AB 1738 allows both homeowners and associations to involve counsel in dispute resolution proceedings such as Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) or “meet […]

Creative Problem Solving Requires Identifying the Real Problem

Published in the ECHO Journal, November 2010 Have you ever said or thought, “So, what’s his problem?” The comment is usually made in frustration but is a very legitimate question. […]

Would You Choose to Go to War If You Had a Choice?

Published in the ECHO Journal, July 2012 Filing a lawsuit is a declaration of war! If you are a peace-loving individual, an open minded-board, and/or don’t have the resources to […]

§6100 – Resolution Notice to Members

As soon as is reasonably practicable after the association and the builder have entered into a settlement agreement or the matter has otherwise been resolved regarding alleged defects in the […]

§5920 – IDR Procedure Included in Annual Policy Statement

The annual policy statement prepared pursuant to Section 5310 shall include a description of the internal dispute resolution process provided pursuant to this article.

§5915 – Default Association Procedure

This section applies to an association that does not otherwise provide a fair, reasonable, and expeditious dispute resolution procedure. The procedure provided in this section is fair, reasonable, and expeditious, […]

§5910 – Association Procedure – Requirements

A fair, reasonable, and expeditious dispute resolution procedure shall at a minimum satisfy all of the following requirements: The procedure may be invoked by either party to the dispute. A […]

§5905 – Association Procedure

An association shall provide a fair, reasonable, and expeditious procedure for resolving a dispute within the scope of this article. In developing a procedure pursuant to this article, an association […]

§5900 – Application to Disputes

This article applies to a dispute between an association and a member involving their rights, duties, or liabilities under this act, under the Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law (Part 3 […]