2015 Legislation – AB 786 – Recycled Water and Drought-Related Fines

Drought, Fines

Existing law prohibits HOAs for fining owners who underwater their landscaping during a drought. This bill would allow fines in associations where recycled water is used for all irrigation.

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2015 Legislation – AB 349 – Mandatory Approval of Turf in HOAs

Artificial Grass, Drought

AB 349 requires HOAs to approve the use artificial grass or turf in all circumstances, even where reasonable low water-using alternative landscapes exist. ECHO opposed AB 349.

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2015 Legislation – AB 349 – Restricting Low Water-Using Landscapes and Turf

Conservation, Drought, Landscaping

Updated on 7/6/15: AB 349 to permit “artificial turf or any other synthetic surface that resembles grass.” HOAs may not require low-water-using plant alternatives to synthetic turf. ECHO opposes AB 349.

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2014 Legislation: AB 2100 – Drought and Under-watering Fines

Drought, Fines, Landscaping, Operating Rules, Rules Enforcement

AB 2100 prohibits an association from fining its members for reducing the watering of their lawns or other vegetation during a drought.

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2014 Legislation: SB 992 – Drought and Under-watering Fines

Conservation, Drought, Fines, Landscaping, Rules Enforcement

SB 992 went into immediate effect on Sept. 18, 2014, superseding AB 2100 because it amended the same section of law, Civil Code Section 4735. SB 992 is identical to AB 2100 except […]

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