Effective Emergency Planning for HOA Communities

Nothing is more essential to managing risk than a plan for property emergencies. Time is of the essence. Water soaks in, wicks up walls, flows into electrical outlets and the cleanup grows more expensive. A clean water spill (water from a sink, bathtub or shower) can be dried easily, but if not handled correctly 24-36 hours later mold can begin to grow on porous materials.


  By Sharon Glenn Pratt, Esq.  | January 2021                                      Expensive problems can […]

Insuring for Disasters: HOA Budgeting and Planning

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Cost of Earthquake Insurance for HOAs in California

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Shut-Off Gas Valves Reduce Fires Caused by Quakes

Californians see the best and worst of what mother nature has to offer. Our natural resources and climate are unparalleled, but we also live with the constant reminder of the […]

Construction in Seismic Regions

Published in the ECHO Journal, November 2007  A Safety Issue Uncovered Throughout the last fifty years, there has been an increasing awareness of the need to provide a higher level […]

Earthquake Insurance: To Buy Or Not To Buy

Many community associations have inquired over the years as to whether they should buy earthquake insurance, considering that the costs fluctuate so much and at times are quite high. After […]