§5145 – Civil Action by Member

A member of an association may bring a civil action for declaratory or equitable relief for a violation of this article by the association, including, but not limited to, injunctive […]

§5130 – Proxies

For purposes of this article, the following definitions shall apply: “Proxy” means a written authorization signed by a member or the authorized representative of the member that gives another member […]

§5125 – Location of Ballots

The sealed ballots, signed voter envelopes, voter list, proxies, and candidate registration list shall at all times be in the custody of the inspector or inspectors of elections or at […]

§5120 – Counting of Votes

All votes shall be counted and tabulated by the inspector or inspectors of elections, or the designee of the inspector of elections, in public at a properly noticed open meeting […]

§5115 – Ballots

An association shall provide general notice of the procedure and deadline for submitting a nomination at least 30 days before any deadline for submitting a nomination. Individual notice shall be […]

§5110 – Inspector of Elections

The association shall select an independent third party or parties as an inspector of elections. The number of inspectors of elections shall be one or three. For the purposes of […]

§5105 – Election Rules

An association shall adopt operating rules in accordance with the procedures prescribed by Article 5 (commencing with Section 4340) of Chapter 3, that do all of the following: Ensure that […]

§5100 – Scope of Election Provisions

Notwithstanding any other law or provision of the governing documents, elections regarding assessments legally requiring a vote, election and removal of directors, amendments to the governing documents, or the grant […]

Article 4. Member Election (§5100-§5145)

§5100 – Scope of Election Provisions §5105 – Election Rules §5110 – Inspector of Elections §5115 – Ballots §5120 – Counting of Votes §5125 – Location of Ballots §5130 – […]

§7220 – Elections & Term

Except as provided in subdivision (d), directors shall be elected for such terms, not longer than four years, as are fixed in the articles or bylaws. However, the terms of […]