2015 Legislation – AB 1335 – Charging Fees on Recorded Documents to Fund Affordable Housing

In order to fund affordable housing, this bill would impose a $75 fee whenever a document is recorded in California. ECHO opposes this bill.

How to Fund a Lawsuit for Your HOA

The question of how a community association will pay for a lawsuit must be decided by the board when the need for litigation arises. Depending on whether the HOA is […]

HOA Transfer Fee Laws for Selling or Transferring Property

When a homeowners association decides to sell or transfer property, HOA transfer fee laws are in place to ensure full disclosure of documents between the real estate company and the […]

§5650 – Payment Due, Fees and Interest

A regular or special assessment and any late charges, reasonable fees and costs of collection, reasonable attorney’s fees, if any, and interest, if any, as determined in accordance with subdivision […]

§12191 – Registration Fees Community Associations

The miscellaneous business entity filing fees are the following: Foreign Associations, as defined in Sections 170 and 171 of the Corporations Code: Filing the statement and designation upon the qualification […]