Building Ordinance Coverage

The Older the Building, the More Important the Coverage Are the buildings at your association older or subject to significant code changes if the project were to be rebuilt? This […]

Can HOA Board Members Be Sued?

In California, HOA board members have substantial protections under the law. Those protections take three forms: immunity, insurance, and indemnity. This article explains when and how each of those protections […]

Disclosure: Insurance Coverage Summary

The Insurance Coverage Summary is a disclosure detailing the association’s property, general liability, earthquake, flood, and fidelity insurance policies. The Summary must be submitted with the Annual Budget Report and […]

§5810 – Notice of Policy Changes

The association shall, as soon as reasonably practicable, provide individual notice pursuant to Section 4040 to all members if any of the policies described in the annual budget report pursuant […]

§5800 – Limitation of Volunteer Officer or Director Liability

A volunteer officer or volunteer director described in subdivision (e) of an association that manages a common interest development that is residential or mixed use, shall not be personally liable […]