2017 Legislation – SB 721 – Inspection of Decks and Balconies

Requires an inspection of building assemblies and associated waterproofing elements, including decks and balconies, for buildings with more than a certain number of multifamily dwelling units by a licensed architect, […]

How Should HOA Boards Respond to Mold?

Mold is a serious problem. These 8 strategies can help HOA boards to remedy the problem, help the affected owner, and protect the association from additional liability.

2014 Legislation: AB 968 – Exclusive Use Common Area

Clearer Laws, Safer Communities, Lower Costs Unless your governing documents are very clear, the Davis-Stirling Act exposes associations and their members to expensive legal battles, major safety concerns, and confusion […]

5 Policies You Should Consider When Hiring a Contractor

How does an association select the best bid and the right contractor? Don’t stop at price and quality: investigate these 5 policies before you hire a contractor and save your HOA […]

Waterproof Decks

Published in the ECHO Journal, September 2007 Waterproof decks are high on the list of the top ten building component items named in lawsuits as being defective despite the fact […]

The Question of Exterior Painting and Deferred Maintenance

Published in the ECHO Journal, December 2007 One recent trend in HOA exterior painting can unfortunately summed up by a simple question: “When is it time to repaint?” The unfortunate […]

Beginner’s Guide to HOA Boards of Directors Duties and Responsibilities

Many new board members want an introductory guide that states in one place what are their duties and by what authority do they operate. This article discusses general concepts and […]

Convert Your HOA to Solar Power with These Four Steps

HOAs face many options and obstacles when considering whether or not it makes sense to go switch to solar. Condominiums vary by size, shape, zoning, and other factors that determine […]

Ask The Maintenance Experts: Proper Property Maintenance

Published in the ECHO Journal, August 2008 Question: We are a four-member board of directors. All of us are professionals and this is our first home. What is considered “proper” […]

Should Your HOA Consider Painting in the Rain?

Painting and construction are expensive, but HOAs can save money by performing some or all of the work during the rainy months.