2017 Legislation – AB 690 – Management Conflicts of Interest

Requires a common interest development manager or a common interest development management firm to disclose specified information before entering into a management agreement. Requires a disclosure on whether the manager […]

Guide to HOA Management Certifications

What Does “Certified” Mean? A “certified common interest development manager” has a tested understanding of homeowner association laws and best practices, with special focus on the business and management skills […]

How to Evaluate Your HOA Manager

How do you know if your HOA manager is doing a good job? Identify problems, and learn how to get better service for your condominium or association.

2014 Legislation: SB 1243 – Regulation of Association Managers

Update: This bill was signed by the Governor on 9/17/14. Current law does not require that common interest managers be certified. However, for managers who wish to use the title “Certified […]

§5385 – Managing Agent is not Association Employee

For the purposes of this article, “managing agent” does not include a full-time employee of the association.

§5380 – Handling of Association Funds

A managing agent of a common interest development who accepts or receives funds belonging to the association shall deposit those funds that are not placed into an escrow account with […]

§5375 – Prospective Written Statement

A prospective managing agent of a common interest development shall provide a written statement to the board as soon as practicable, but in no event more than 90 days, before […]

Article 9. Managing Agent (§5375-§5385)

§5375 – Prospective Written Statement §5375.5 – Management Disclosures §5376 – Management Facilitation of Disclosures §5380 – Handling of Association Funds §5385 – Managing Agent is not Association Employee

§4800 – Management by Association

A common interest development shall be managed by an association that may be incorporated or unincorporated. The association may be referred to as an owners’ association or a community association.

§4158 – Managing Agent

A “managing agent” is a person who, for compensation or in expectation of compensation, exercises control over the assets of a common interest development. A “managing agent” does not include […]