6 Common HOA Nuisances and How to Handle Them

Smoking, noisy floors, rambunxious children, and barking dogs are often the subject of HOA nuisance complaints. When do these issues qualify as a nuisance and when is the board obligated […]

HOA Duty to Address the Upstairs Unit’s Noisy Floors

HOAs of multi-level condominiums or other developments are probably familiar with nuisances caused by noisy neighbors, with a majority of complaints coming from unapproved flooring. Associations have a legal responsibility […]

Methods for Resolving Cigarette Controversy in HOAs

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Barking Dogs in HOAs: How to Handle Pet-Related Nuisances

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Tree Disputes in HOAs: What the Law Says

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§4255 – Airport Influence Areas

If a common interest development is located within an airport influence area, a declaration, recorded after January 1, 2004, shall contain the following statement: “NOTICE OF AIRPORT IN VICINITY This […]

Smoking in HOAs: Conflict, Restrictions, & Liability

Many community associations face an increased number of complaints from non-smokers about their smoking neighbors and are being asked to take action. Some associations are responding to this increased regulation by […]