Presidential Buffet

Published in the ECHO Journal, August 2007 Many excellent and learned treatises are available on how to be a good board member and more specifically a good and effective president […]

Myths of Chairmanship

Published in the ECHO Journal, May 2009 Have you ever had to chair a meeting? Scary, isn’t it? Whether you are a past president or a newly‑elected president, you must […]

From a President’s Perspective

Published in the ECHO Journal, November 2011 An association president often has a unique view of the property he or she manages, the many challenges of finance and construction issues […]

How to Effectively Facilitate a Meeting

Strong Leadership Effective board meetings start with strong leadership. While association presidents most often facilitate board meetings, any leader or facilitator may apply the techniques below. The president must provide […]

§4923 – Emergency Board Meeting

An emergency board meeting may be called by the president of the association, or by any two directors other than the president, if there are circumstances that could not have […]

§4270 – Declaration Amendment Procedure

A declaration may be amended pursuant to the declaration or this act. Except as provided * * * where an alternative process for approving, certifying, or recording an amendment is […]

§7213 – Officers

A corporation shall have a chair of the board, who may be given the title chair of the board, chairperson of the board, chairman of the board, or chairwoman of […]