How Strong is your Reserve Fund?

Published in the ECHO Journal, September 2012 It’s getting to be that time of year when most Community Associations begin the annual process of planning and adopting next year’s financial […]

Reserve Analysis and Implementation

Published in the ECHO Journal, November 2013 The most important function of the board of directors is preservation of the property for the quiet enjoyment of the residents. And the […]

The Ticking Time Bomb of HOA Reserve Accounts

Published in the ECHO Journal, July 2013 Board members of HOA’s may be finally sighing relief now that the housing crisis seems to be abating. However, the recovery of the […]

§5580 – Community Service Organization Reporting

Unless the governing documents impose more stringent standards, any community service organization whose funding from the association or its members exceeds 10 percent of the organization’s annual budget shall prepare […]

§5570 – Reserve Disclosure Form

(a) The disclosures required by this article with regard to an association or a property shall be summarized on the following form: Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure Summary For the […]

§5565 – Reserves Summary Requirements

The summary of the association’s reserves required by §5300(b)(2) shall be based on the most recent review or study conducted pursuant to §5550, shall be based only on assets held […]

§5560 – Adoption and Change in Assessments

The reserve funding plan required by Section 5550 shall include a schedule of the date and amount of any change in regular or special assessments that would be needed to […]

§5550 – Reserve Study Requirements

At least once every three years, the board shall cause to be conducted a reasonably competent and diligent visual inspection of the accessible areas of the major components that the […]

§5520 – Litigation

When the decision is made to use reserve funds or to temporarily transfer moneys from the reserve fund to pay for litigation pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 5510, the […]

§5515 – Temporary Transfers and Special Assessments

Notwithstanding Section 5510, the board may authorize the temporary transfer of moneys from a reserve fund to the association’s general operating fund to meet short-term cashflow requirements or other expenses, […]