Methods for Resolving Cigarette Controversy in HOAs

Smoking in Communities Over the last ten years the number of multi-residential housing projects has increased dramatically. As people are brought into closer proximity there has been a spike in […]

Bans on Smoking in Multi-unit Residential Communities Continue to Pass

Published in the ECHO Journal, November 2010 The regulation of secondhand smoke is becoming increasingly more common, far-reaching, and restrictive of smokers. With zero discussion, the Menlo Park City Council […]

HOAs and Medical Marijuana

How should HOA boards deal with the use of Medical Marijuana? Community associations increasingly face issues with medical marijuana. It is a confusing area because federal and state laws conflict […]

2013 Legislation: AB 746

This bill prohibits the smoking of cigarettes or other tobacco products in all areas of multifamily dwellings. It provides an exception for designated smoking areas. The bill defines multifamily dwelling […]

Smoking in HOAs: Conflict, Restrictions, & Liability

Many community associations face an increased number of complaints from non-smokers about their smoking neighbors and are being asked to take action. Some associations are responding to this increased regulation by […]