2017 Legislation – AB 731 – Tax Deduction for HOA Assessments

Allows a deduction in computing gross income for amounts paid by a taxpayer for qualified homeowners’ association assessments.

2016 Legislation – AB 1736 – Homeownership Savings Accounts

This bill would provide that a qualified taxpayer may withdraw amounts from a homeownership savings account to pay for qualified homeownership savings expenses, and would provide that any amount withdrawn […]

2016 Legislation – SB 477 – Property Taxes for Mobile Homes

Updated on 7/6/15: SB 477 authorizes mobile home owners to seek postponement of ad valorem taxes as long as he or she is a qualified person.

2014 Legislation: AB 1888 – Transfer Tax Disclosure

From the Legislative Counsel’s Digest: The Documentary Transfer Tax Act authorizes the board of supervisors of a county or city and county to impose a tax with expect to specified […]

HOA Taxes: Deadlines, Forms, and Tips

Associations, like all other businesses, are required to file taxes. Here is a brief summary of 8 tax reporting and filing requirements for your association. 

Solar and Other Energy Efficiency Tax Credits Examined for HOAs

Your HOA’s board of directors and manager has probably seen tons of articles or flyers from vendors about how you can save taxes by installing solar heating devices, new windows, […]

§5625 – Tax Assessments

Except as provided in subdivision (b), notwithstanding any provision of this act or the governing documents to the contrary, an association shall not levy assessments on separate interests within the […]