§5033 – Approval By Majority of All Members

“Approval by (or approval of) a majority of all members” means approval by an affirmative vote (or written ballot in conformity with Section 5513, Section 7513, or Section 9413) of […]

Who Should Make Decisions in HOAs: the Board or the Members?

Many people have observed that community associations are actually “mini-governments.”  The “citizens” (owners) elect “officials” (directors) to make both small and large decisions affecting their lives and assets.  These decisions […]

§5120 – Counting of Votes

All votes shall be counted and tabulated by the inspector or inspectors of elections, or the designee of the inspector of elections, in public at a properly noticed open meeting […]

§5105 – Election Rules

An association shall adopt operating rules in accordance with the procedures prescribed by Article 5 (commencing with Section 4340) of Chapter 3, that do all of the following: Ensure that […]