Avoiding HOA Reserves Quicksand

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Ask the Attorney – June

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Presenting Law Firms Adams | Stirling  Baydaline & Jacobsen LLP Berding | Weil, LLP Community Legal Advisors, Inc. Hughes Gill Cochrane Tinetti, P.C. Kaufman Dolowich Voluck, LLP Law Offices of Deon R. Stein Richardson | Ober | DeNichilo, LLP Scherer Smith & Kenny LLP Swedelson | Gottlieb Tinnelly Law Group THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS! Premier […]

High Seas, High Cost: HOA Action on Coastal Policy

From Del Mar to San Clemente to Santa Cruz and beyond, coastal homeowners know they face the peril of climate change and sea level rise. What they may not know is that they also face an even more imminent threat from a California Coastal Commission intent on embracing the most extreme predictions of sea rise […]

Board Ethics and Decorum

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Wildfire Insurance and 2022 Market Forecast – Ask the Experts

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Ask the Insurance Expert and get the answers you need to plan for your HOA’s future. Wildfires, management failures leading to catastrophic events, natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and an overly litigious society are redefining the world of risk management and insurance products for HOAs. Come and ask your questions of HOA risk […]

After the Dust Settles: Surfside Disaster & Case Law Exposed

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Water is the Enemy: Structural Engineering Expert, Dr. Henry Koffman Explains Surfside Tower Collapse The Surfside tower collapse was a tragedy that may have been avoidable with proper engineering practices and thorough inspections. Dr. Koffman, MCE, a professor of civil & environmental engineering practices at the University of Southern California will provide insight into the possible […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Achieving success in community management transition

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Community management change is inevitable. Whether it is terminating a general manager, community management company or transitioning from the developer's management company, achieving a successful termination and transition is critical to your community’s continuity and wellbeing. During this live stream webinar we will focus our attention on best practices HOA Boards can follow when considering […]

Board Decision Making: When is enough, enough for a decision?

Making decisions is the crux of your board member duties. How do you know when you have enough information to proceed? Join Stephen T. Brindle, Esq. of Swedelson|Gottlieb as he discusses board decision making, the legal standard and the method by which your board should make its decisions. In addition, Stephen will discuss some important topics […]

Ask the Attorney and the Other Laws Affecting HOAs

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Presenting Attorneys Deon Stein, Esq. The Law Offices of Deon R. Stein Stephen Brindle, Esq. SwedelsonGottlieb Zer Iyer, Esq. Hughes Gill Cochrane Tinetti, P.C. Megan Hall, Esq. Adams | Stirling Bill Scherer, Esq. Scherer Smith & Kenny LLP Matt Haulk, Esq. Ragghianti Freitas LLP Russell Higgins, Esq. Angius & Terry, LLC Steve Weil, Esq. Berding […]

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