Issue One 2021


November/December 2020


Includes Attorney and All things Legal – Professional Service Provider Directory

Information about California laws that impact HOA governance and legal resources for HOA boards of directors

  • The Evolution of Rental Restrictions in California Community Associations
  • 16 How to Make It Safely Through the Disclosure Minefield – Part Two
  • Davis-Stirling Act Annual Disclosure Checklist
  • The Self-Managed Association: The Challenge of State Regulation

September/October 2020


  • How to Make It Safely Through the Disclosure Minefield | David F. Feingold, Esq. & Matthew A. Haulk, Esq.
  • Davis-Stirling Act Annual Disclosure Checklist
  • HOA Leadership 102 | Tom Connelly
  • The Self-Managed Association: The Future of Virtual Board Meetings | John Cligny, AMS, CAMEX, CCAM-HR

Everything about our Online HOA Expo!

July/August 2020


  • The Laws of the Land | William S. Scherer, Esq & Louis J. Sarmiento, Jr., Esqa.
  • Don’t Lose Sight of the Big Picture: HOA Construction Projects During the Pandemic | Regan Brown & Bill Mann
  • Investing in Good for the HOA Community | Rolf Crocker, AMS, CAMEx, CCAM
  • The Self-Managed Association: Getting Governance Back on Track | John Cligny, AMS, CAMEX, CCAM-HR

Echo’s May/June 2020 Journal

  • Webinar Registration: Technology That Benefits HOA Board Members
  • Navigating Uncharted Waters
  • Webinar Registration: Opening HOA Communities After Covid
  • What to Do When Your HOA Has No Functioning Board of Directors
  • The New Normal in Community Associations

March/April 2020


  • Community Associations in Crisis:  Navigating COVID-19 in your HOA | Sandra Long, CCAM, PCAM
  • Coronavirus & Community Associations | Swedelson Gottlieb Attorneys
  • Internal Dispute Resolution: A Powerful Problem-Solving Tool for HOA Boards | Tim Flanagan, Esq.
  • Bankrupt Homeowners Can Stay and Not Pay Overdue Assessments | Katrina Solomatina, Esq.
  • New Accounting Rules Change the Look of Association’s CPA Financial Statements | David Levy, CPA

January/February 2020


  • Legal Changes for HOA Elections | Sandra L. Gottlieb, Esq. CCAL
  • A Practical Overview of ADUs | Mark G. Guithues, Esq.
  • Back to the Future: Modernization of an Association | Krishna Yalamanchi
  • Are You Really Covered? | Kevin Boland, LUTCF, CIC, AI

November 2019

  • Aging in Place
  • Protecting Holiday Gifts from Mr. Grinch
  • Cultural Diversity Awareness in an HOA
  • SB 326: Compliance with The Balcony Inspection Bill
  • Elder Abuse in Community Associations