May 2018

  • De-Escalating Conflict
  • Does Your Association Need a Crime Prevention Plan?
  • Insurance Lessons from the California Fires
  • Defining Expectations

March 2018

  • Pets and Emotional Support Animals
  • HOAs and Marijuana
  • New Disclosures are Required for HOAs and Management
  • Top 5 Reserve Planning Mistakes
  • The Costly Future of SB 721 and Deck Inspection Requirements

January 2018

  • Board Meeting Basics
  • When Politics Comes to the Clubhouse
  • AB 634 – Solar Energy Systems are Coming to Condominium Roofs
  • Winter Thoughts for Spring
  • A Conflict of Circumstance

November 2017

  • Strategic Planning for Board Members
  • How to Plan Your HOA’s Budget
  • Insuring for Disasters: Budgeting and Planning
  • ‘Tis the Season to Be Tolerant
  • Review Your Annual Disclosures
  • New Laws for 2018

September 2017

  • What You Need to Know About Small Claims Court
  • Building Community Through Beautification
  • 8 Steps to Regain Architectural Control
  • Is it Time to Retire Your Landscape?
  • Managing Board Conflict

July 2017

  • The War of Reconstruction Has Many Small Battles
  • Five Things New Condo Directors Need to Know Now
  • Nuisance, and Beyond
  • Decision-Making in Community Associations. Who Decides—the Board or the Members?
  • Reviewing Bank Statements: The Key To Watching Your Association’s Money

May 2017

  • Balconies, Are Yours Safe?
  • Ten Ways to Improve Property Values
  • How to Improve Your Meeting Minutes
  • Exterior Painting Tips and Summer Heat
  • Are You Getting Your Maintenance Dollar’s Worth?

March 2017

  • The Art of Maintenance. The Key to Optimum Building Health.
  • What’s In Your Paint?
  • The Easiest Ways to Cut Your Utility Costs in 2017…
  • How to Make Condo Boards Successful: The Ultimate Checklist
  • Important Tax Law Changes