2021 Community Association Statute Book

NEW AND EXPANDED FOR 2021!  The 2021 Statute Book is now available in an expanded version to include the annotated Davis-Stirling Act and other laws and case citations governing California community associations. This comprehensive reference provides the legal framework for HOA board members, homeowners, and professionals in an easy-to-use coil bound format.

2021 Condominium BlueBook for California

In its 33rd year of publication, the Condominium Bluebook for California is a comprehensive guide to the Davis-Stirling Act, renumbered and revised, and all the relevant laws that govern condominiums and planned developments. This over 500 page resource is a road map to the legal side of common ownership and being an informed member of a homeowner association in California today.

2021 Condominium Green Book

The complete, up-to-date accounting, income tax and reserve study guide for California community association board members, and management professionals. Written in clear, concise “lay person” language the handbook provides practical advice  on accounting, financial matters and income taxes for California homeowner associations. This guide is an excellent resource for HOA treasurers who want to understand the financial rules that govern common interest developments, and to learn accounting best practices.

4th Edition – An Insider’s guide to Community Association insurance

Learn What Makes "Good Insurance" from an HOA Expert who reveals the secret to getting the property coverage.

A Property Manager’s Guide to Construction Defect Claims

In this book, Berding & Weil addresses the important issues that arise in construction defect claims for new residential projects in California. From the most basic questions (What are construction defects?) to the more complicated (What procedures must we follow under Title 7? What are all possible sources of recovery? Litigation, arbitration or mediation?) – this is your guide. Property managers must have a basic understanding of the elements of a construction defect claim, so they can adequately advise their clients, retain or recommend appropriate professionals, and monitor the claims process. This book describes the stages of that process, from selecting a suitable attorney, identifying and documenting the defects and following the statutory procedures in California for notifying the builder, to pursuing a claim through settlement or award. Even if you’re not sure whether you have a construction claim, this book is a valuable resource for you and your clients

Beyond Privatopia

In Beyond Privatopia: Rethinking Residential Private Government, attorney and political science scholar Evan McKenzie explores emerging trends in private governments and competing schools of thought on how to operate them, from state oversight to laissez-faire libertarianism. The most common analyses see CIDs from a neoclassical economic, positive point of view. HOAs, this strain of analysis maintains, are more efficient and frugal than municipalities. And what could be more democratic than government of the neighbors, by the neighbors? But scholars coming from institutional analysis, communitarianism, and critical urban theory frameworks see possible repercussions. These include a development’s failure leaving residents on the hook for crippling sums, capture or extension of the local state, and convergence of public and private local governments

Board Member Handbook

This publication is the essential guidebook for HOA Board members, dealing with governance, finances, insurance and maintenance issues.  A great overview - most especially for new board members.  A must-have for any HOA board.

Condos, Townhomes and Homeowner Associations

This type of shared expenses housing is the wave of the future in the United States and around the world. But to make it a sustainable investment, new buyers, owners and volunteer board members need to understand best practices basics of how this form of housing works and have more realistic expectations of this form of carefree, maintenance free living. BENEFITS: – Protect property values – Gain peace of mind – Lessen the need for large, unexpected special assessments Patrick Hohman, the author of the book, is a 22-year Association president, who compiled these user-friendly, colorful lessons with the help of industry experts throughout the United States. User-friendly, full color publication with easy-to-understand graphs and graphics. An Association Leadership Guide. Financially, is your Association running on Empty? Are you paying attention to your biggest investment (your home)

Home and Condo Defects

Construction defect litigation can be confusing, expensive and fraught with legal pitfalls.  This eye-opening guide, written by accomplished construct-defect attorneys, is an essential tool for board members who need to understand the legal process.

Maintenance Manual

Maintenance is a vital, continuing, hot topic at HOA board meetings.  It is not unusual for as many as 25 residents to attend and participate in maintenance discussions.  A well executed Maintenance Manual can help to keep the conversation focused and on topic.  It is not only a record of what has been done in the past, but also guides the board's decision making as to how to proceed knowledgeably in maintaining and preserving the many functioning components of an aging building.  Here you will find a 155 page electronic magazine format that will allow you to easily navigate to any chapter from the Table of Contents.

Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief

A step-by-step guide to the rules for meetings of your association, the current and official manual adopted by most organization to govern their meetings.  This guide will provide many meeting procedures not covered by the association bylaws or other governing documents.  Written by the authors of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, the only authorized edition of the classic work on parliamentary procedure. With sample dialogues and a guide to using the complete edition, Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, In Brief is the essential handbook for parliamentary proceedings.

The Condo Owner’s AnswerBook

For many, the first home they purchase is a condo. What seems like an apartment that you own, in fact comes with a lot more responsibilities than a single-family home as you and your neighbors are sharing walls, floors and other common areas. The Condo Owner's Answer Book covers all of the common issues with condos and condominium ownership presented in easy-to-follow question and answer format. It addresses the unique and specific type of home ownership that comes with buying and owning a condo. It also covers your rights and responsibilities as a condo owner and as a member of a home owners association. The Condo Owner's Answer Book cover such topics as: --Right and Responsibilities --Rules and Reasons --Rights, Wrongs and Expectations --What to Do When You Don't Like It --Internal Dispute Resolution --Dues and Don'ts --Paying for the Unexpected --Insurance --Association Management --The Role of Volunteers --Renting a Condominium


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Effective Emergency Planning for HOA Communities

Nothing is more essential to managing risk than a plan for property emergencies. Time is of the essence. Water soaks in, wicks up walls, flows into electrical outlets and the cleanup grows more expensive. A clean water spill (water from a sink, bathtub or shower) can be dried easily, but if not handled correctly 24-36 hours later mold can begin to grow on porous materials.

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  By Sharon Glenn Pratt, Esq.  | January 2021                                      Expensive problems can […]

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Insuring for Disasters: HOA Budgeting and Planning

The recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida have many of us thinking about what we would do in a catastrophe. For association boards, insurance is the front line of disaster […]

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Unforeseen Conditions and Hidden Costs of Construction Projects

Developing a Projected Cost Budget It is not surprising to know that in the initial phases of every proposed construction project, it is the first task of the Construction Manager […]

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How Can HOAs Use Reserve or Settlement Funds?

Boards in need of cash may want to use cash in the reserve accounts or from legal settlements, but there are important restrictions.

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HOAs and Defibrillators: the Pros and Cons

Should homeowner associations maintain defibrillators (or “AEDs”)? These life-saving devices can also be a source of major liability. Proceed with caution.

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10 Tips for New HOA Board Members

New to the HOA board or welcoming new board members? Here are 10 tips to help new board members get up to speed quickly and work effectively.

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Can the HOA Trespass to Correct Violations?

Your HOA board wants to go onto a property to correct a covenant violation. Can you? Even if you have legal authorization, should you? There are a number of risks […]

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How to Use Your HOA’s Political Power

Your HOA has political power: people who unite around a common cause can change local policies. And your neighbors can help you make big changes.

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The Special Assessment

“Special Assessment” is a dirty word in most HOAs. While boards and managers may view a special assessment as a tool to achieve the funding needs of the homeowners association, […]

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6 Common HOA Nuisances and How to Handle Them

Smoking, noisy floors, rambunxious children, and barking dogs are often the subject of HOA nuisance complaints. When do these issues qualify as a nuisance and when is the board obligated […]

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