Why do Associations have Problems with Renters?

Poor Choice of Renters by Landlord

A renter may not fully understand or appreciate the lifestyle changes required for a successful residency in a high-density development. He or she may like to “party” late into the night, play loud music, keep a few cars, or leave children or animals in the common area unsupervised. Sometimes a landlord will rent one unit to a large number of people in order to achieve maximum rental income. In this case, the unit functions more like a rooming house rather than a single-family residence. Renters may have frequent and numerous guests, and create parking and noise problems.

Uninformed Renters

Sometimes renters are not given a copy of the rules and regulations at the time they sign the rental agreement. For this reason, a renter may unknowingly exceed the per-rental vehicle, use the pool or spa during closed hours, or break pet rules. The “rules-breakers” unfairly force the board of directors and the association manager to act as the policeman.

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Adapted from “Resolving Problems with Absentee Owners” by Diane Rossi.