April 2010

  • Is Financing for Condo Loans in Jeopardy?
  • Myths and Misconceptions Regarding FHA Condominium Approvals
  • How to Select a Towing Company

May 2010

  • Making Accommodations
  • Recreational Use Immunity For CIDs
  • When Is a Permit Required?
  • Got Lead?

June 2010

  • Major Reconstruction Projects in Community Associations
  • Rescuing Board Members from E-Mail
  • Approaching Governing Document Amendment
  • Questions to Ask Potential Banks
  • Additional Commentary to “Got Lead?”

July 2010

  • Mid-2010 Legislative Update
  • The Disclosure Trap: Part 2
  • An Association Insurance Survival Ki
  • The Importance of Periodic Inspections and Proper Oversight of a California HOA

August 2010

  • Left Holding the (Sand) Bag
  • Boards that Violate Davis-Stirling
  • Strategic Planning for Board Members
  • Board Members with Hidden Agendas

September 2010

  • Ethics for Board Members
  • Short Sales in HOAs
  • Roofs and Decks
  • Mandatory or Voluntary Reserve Funding?

October 2010

  • Community Association Financial Health
  • Contract Clauses May Set Traps for Unwary Boards
  • Helping Lambs Slay Lions – Binding Arbitration Clauses
  • Fight Night or Fight Nice?

November 2010

  • Dealing With Noise Disputes
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • California Governor Vetoes CID Legislation
  • What it Takes to Get a Major Repair Done