April 2012

  • Top Ten Security Mistakes HOAs Make
  • Overcoming Resistance to Funding Reserves
  • Email – It’s Time to Tame this Business Tool
  • Building Community Involvement

May 2012

  • The Perils of Hidden Damage in a Community Association
  • Radar Imaging for Tree Risk Management
  • Creative Effective Association Newsletters
  • What is a “request for Proposal”?
  • Understanding the Concept

June 2012

  • Part 2 The Perils of Hidden Damage in a Community Association Unexpected Costs
  • Green Paint Technology-Eco-Friendly Products on the Rise
  • Develop Towing Partnerships-Towing for all the right reasons
  • Reviewing Bank Statements

July 2012

  • Would You Choose War if You Had a Choice?
  • Financial Reports
  • 7 Reasons Why You Must Fund Reserves
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Custom-Tailored Management Packages for Smaller Associations

August 2012

  • Reserve Studies for CIDs
  • Results of Incomplete Reserve Analyses
  • Caring for Trees
  • Consequences of Employee Misclassification
  • Board Service Is an Honor

September 2012

  • How Strong is your Reserve Fund?
  • The Three Important I’s
  • Enforcing Lease Restrictions
  • Trees

October 2012

  • Shifting the Paradigm
  • Basis of Accounting
  • Is Your Association Shopping for a Loan?
  • Permits? What For?

November 2012

  • Reaching the Pinnacle – California Supreme Court Rules that CC&R Arbitration Provisions are Enforceable Against HOAs
  • Homeowners Bill of Rights for HOAs
  • Licensed Contractors
  • Saving Money Off-Season